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All Saints seeks new friends

David Stanton, who chaired the group that has set up the Friends organisation, said: "There are lots of past and present Pocklington residents that may be interested in what we are trying to do."

"The church works really hard to maintain the building; but I hope the Friends organisation will have a wider appeal to local people who may not necessarily want to be a regular member of the congregation, or individuals who have left the area, or have family connections. Anyone who wants to see the All Saints preserved, or wants to maintain their links with the town, is welcome to join us."

"Wealthy citizens and ordinary townsfolk from past centuries have left the Pocklington with this rich legacy. Now it is our turn to ensure that it can be enjoyed by future generations."

Everyone is welcome to become a friend of All Saints: local residents, businesses, visitors and anyone overseas who also feels a special affinity to Pocklington Church through religious, cultural or historic links. A brochure giving details about Friends of All Saints is being distributed throughout the town, and a website with more information and how to join has been set up at

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